Windows HTC 8S vs HTC 8X – Tough Fight Great Contracts!

Windows arrived with great expectation in the market. already in he ,market there are plenty of mobile devices available from the like that of Samsung, Nokia, LG and blackberry which are competing which each other to get strong hold in the market. Now we have two major devices from HTC – HTC 8S and HTC 8X standing against each other. Which one will break the ice in the mobile market? Let’s find out.


Both the devices are very close to each other whether in design or features. But there are few changes in the phone that make all the difference.


With so many attractive and exceedingly well designed phones available. One may not find these devices quite tempting like that of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy s4. But as we say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Some people might find HTC devices quite alluring with bright shades put together in the pillow design which has been inspired by the live tiles found in the OS they are operating on. The body of the phone is soft plastic that is easy to hold and carry.

Talking of 8X, there is solid construction with Black color, while 8S which is smaller in comparison comes with dipped paint that has been put on the lower portion with front and back included. This difference in size helps in easily differentiating the two siblings, besides, it also aid in identifying the lower portion of the phone where micro SD card and SIM can be inserted in 8S version.

There are other attributes in the phone too like presence of loud speaker enabled with beats that ensures outstanding music to your ears in all occasions. There is rear camera as well which is capable of capturing amazing pictures in all light conditions. In addition 8X has video calling camera in front which is absent in 8S.

HTC 8S VS HTC 8X: Advance Display

The size of HTC 8S display stands at 4 inches but there are few changes in the screen that make display of 8S much better than the latter. 8S comes with S LCD display that boasts of resolution of 480 X 800 pixels which is capable of producing bright and colorful images with sharp contrast on your screen. The viewing angles are also great with clear black making it better choice than the most of the Android phones available under similar price slot.

On the other hand HTC 8X comes with the display of 4.3 inches having resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels. The screen comprises S-LCD 2 technology that is superior to 8S in all aspects.

HTC 8S Vs HTC 8X Wrap Up

If you have been searching for a competitive device for a long time then you can easily for any of these two. Both the devices are well designed and offer all the features which are sought by the buyers of present time. Through various mobile phone deals it is possible to get the device of your choice with easy deals.