Tough Fight Between Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5

There are not one but two most spectacular devices available in the market. These are leading giants of the smart phone arena namely Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5. Both the devices are so great and amazing in their approach whether it is design, looks or features that it is quite a race to decide which one to buy!


Those who are avid fans of the Apple devices are sure to run after the Apple iPhone 5 and make huge line outside the Apple stores. There is no doubt to the fact that it will definitely sell in billions. Well, there is good news for the Android fans as well as there is Samsung Galaxy S3 that comes on board with best features and looks to die. Well, it’s time for Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5 showdown.

Galaxy S3 Contract Deals

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 – Solid Build

Starting with the iPhone 5, the device feels extremely amazing to hold in hands. There has been mark difference in the chassis of the handset. Hold the slim body of the device and you feel the light weight . It is easily the lightest phone available in the market. The device is so slim that is weighs only about 112 grams and is 12% lighter than HTC one X. The SIM of the phone is also different with Nano SIM put inside. The device feels premium with presence of glass strips at the top and base in all the models.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is available in wide variety of colors like marble white, red, Pebble blue and many more. One can chose any according to their style and likings. Galaxy S3 is far more curvier than iPhone. The device with plastic at the back feels premium and is also extremely light weight. In its configuration it resembles more of Google Nexus. With weight of only 8.6mm it is slim to carry both in hands and even tightest of jeans. In comparison to iPhone 5 it is little heavier. The weight has increased by 3 grams that its previous offering S2 coming at 133 grams.

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 – Ravishing Screen

It is a fact that Apple was the first company to bring larger screen in the mobile phone. iPhone 5 continues the trend with 4 inches screen with length of 123.8m and width of 58.6mm. just below the screen there is presence of standy by button. The Retina display which requires no introduction adores the front of the screen with high resolution of 1136X 640 pixels bringing out the images that are talk of the town with bright, sharp and crisp graphics. With large display comes various benefits like one can now watch better and larger web pages, number of apps on the screen have increased and photo viewing area also increased.

On the screen front Samsung Galaxy S3 is one step ahead from iPhone, HTC and Nokia with presence of massive HD display of 4.8 inches Super AMOLED display with maximum resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels. At 306 pixels per inch the quality is little down as compared to HTC. However the images, videos and more produced on screen are bright and vivid to say the least. The experience with the display is simply enthralling.

Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Powerful Camera

There is presence of rear iSight camera that gives impressive and great looking pictures in all light conditions. The device comes equipped with better image resolution and video recording. Now it is easy to detect face and even allows auto focus. Video compression facility is also available in the device and can also be attached to emails with ease.

On the front there is much improved camera which have upgraded 720p videos. Add to this there is Face time calling and Skype chats which are far more clearer. Standing at 1.2MP the view are quite amazing to look at.

It was rumored that S3 will come up with 12MP but unfortunately, the camera is 8MP with 1080p. The snapper is capable of taking several shots at one go at the rate of 6fps with smile detection. Then zero shutter lag is also a major feature of the device with improved shot to shot time. Camera is also capable of zooming quite easily. There is 1.9MP camera at front that allows you to video calling, profile pictures and many more.

iPhone 5 Deals vs Galaxy S3 Deals

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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3

There is no second thoughts that both Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are great devices to buy. Each device offers unique features and great design to bring home. One can decide on their own which device to buy. There is no dearth to the fact there are plenty of deals available for the device and getting the one that suite you best is very easy!