Sony Xperia U Shiny Little Thing!

When it comes to budget phones, there are many that are available in the market. Among them most talked about handset at present is Sony Xperia U. This Android phone will easily fit into your budget and pocket with its low price and petite framework. Moreover, to enhance the users’ mood there are colored lights that brighten up as you swipe around the screen.

Don’t get misguided with its look, as device is powerhouse with presence of dual core processor that enables it to run several applications with ease. There is also latest addition of swappable end caps that allows you to customize your phone as per your desire. If you are the one who likes funky and shiny handsets, Xperia U is surely going to be your pick.

And those are in favor of big handsets should stay away as phone is small sized with screen of 3.5 inches producing images that are bright and readable as well. This is well suited to handle all kinds of tasks thanks to its dual core processor. The most significant feature of the design of the phone is the transparent strip at the end. And also the glowing strip that keeps changing colors as you work on it.

Internal memory of the phone though stands at 8GB but only 4GB memory is available for storing your data such as images, videos and more. Images are captured in high resolution with camera of 5MP fitted at the back. Sony Xperia U deals are the best means to grab the handset at affordable cost.