Sony Xperia S – Something New To Play With

So, after getting divorce from Ericsson, Sony has come out with its new venture with Xperia and they have introduced their handset Sony Xperia S in the market where the people have responded very positively. Coming with some updated features and hardware, the handset is likely to push the company’s position in the market.

If you would wonder the handset, you would get high-end primary camera measuring 12MP that is considered much firm to click your dearest moment. On the front side, a beautiful display has acquired 4.3 inches of the handset’s space. Here the high-end display comes with Sony’s Bravia HD and Android v2.3 has also added some flavours to the handset. Though, you may have tasted Jelly Bean, but Ginger bread has been provided with some unique flavours, as Google does.

Apart from these, the handset has been provided with some physical keys and slots as well. As the handset lets you enlarge its memory capacity, you find a microSD port beside the handset. On the top of the gadget, you get a jack for 3.5mm headphone. And on the right side of the handset, a HDMI and physical key for primary camera have been fixed.

Sony Xperia S deals have been offered by all the network providers in the market. The handset has got association with all beneficial mobile phone deals. Moreover, the contract deals have been decorated with free gifts and some free incentives such as free talk time, free SMS and free data per month.