Small Wonder – The Nokia C2-01

Nokia seems to have made their intentions clear about dominating the “budget” phone section of the market after losing out to Android. The people at Nokia aim for that section of the masses which wants nothing too flashy, too big, or too complex. All they want is a simple phone with simple features. The Nokia C2-01 delivers just that, with a little extra. This amazing device is also available online through assorted mobile phone deals.

First off, the price tag doesn’t pinch you at all on this one. A meager £80 and this baby is yours. The next thing to notice is that Nokia has done away with their recent “touch and type” feature with this one. No touch screen here. Small dimensions and an overall weight of 89g make this phone ideal for your pocket.

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Its 2-inch TFT display doesn’t seem small, since it’s not a touch screen. The keypad is comfortable but may leave some users with that nasty, cheap feeling. The direction pad also seems uncomfortable.

It has an array of ports along its side and top – a 3.5mm audio jack port, a mini-USB port and a dedicated charger port. The phone can also be charged via the mini-USB port. The 3.2MP camera provides good still photographs but very poor video recording.

The surprise feature with this small wonder is its 3G connectivity which would be normally absent in a phone of such price range. Also it has expandable memory of up to 16GB. It is truly a value for money phone.