Galaxy Series – Growing Fast as Like Leaps & Bounds

Samsung Phones are now renowned as the biggest brand and are damn cool with a ll the mobile phone networks. Most of these phones either work under Bada Operating system or under Android OS.

Here you can plenty of applications which are totally great and are quite useful as well like the facilities present with Samsung’s latest Samsung Galaxy S2 which is upgraded with so many high profile specialties. You can also have it for free through the contract deal in which the payment of the mobile phone bills is at the last of the month.

So finally Samsung Galaxy Phones have snatched the number one brand’s crown from Nokia. Now the mobile world is totally under the sublimation of Android phones which are the main arms of Samsung Phones. This is one of the biggest achievement which Samsung has encountered by eradicating the 14 years of heritage of Nokia Phones. Success story of this Korean company is not just one day’s story, the brand has made extra efforts to reach upto this point. But it’s legs were outstretched with the success of Samsung Galaxy S which is one of the biggest selling mobile phone of the year 2011. You yourself can see the number of users of this handset which is till now increasing day by day. And the latest story is about the Samsung galaxy S2 which right now is ranked as the top mobile phone with certain great features which are just incomparable.

Here with Samsung galaxy S2 people can have lots and lots of features which are damn good like the camera present in this is of 8 mega pixel with full HD resolution video capturing facility along with the 2 mega pixel of secondary camera through which video calls and video chats are possible. As far as the screen of the phone is concerned it’s made up of Super AMOLED technology with the wideness of 4.3 inches. The OS used in this is Google’s Android one with Ginger bread version which is the main factor in its popularity.

These phones are with the Bada OS as well like the Samsung Wave II S 8530 which is one of the commendable handset with various features which are damn cool like the camera which is of 5 mega pixel and with brilliant LED flash (however the camera is not capable in capturing the instant pictures). Samsung Galaxy Mini is you can say is the mini version of Samsung Galaxy S and if the higher one is not under your budget you can own this one. Even certain things in this are better then the former one.