Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini – Mini Size of Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Mini comes of a celebrated series Galaxy-S that has earned very huge popularity in the market. Samsung has already added huge revenue to its balance sheet and this time, you would be getting very latest edition of the group in name with Galaxy S III Mini. Though the handsets are siblings of most celebrated handset Galaxy S3. You would be getting S3 Mini deals with lucrative plans.

The actual Galaxy S3 is yet much appreciated and successful member of Galaxy Series, but the S3 Mini would also be making you enjoy all the latest features and applications. The handset appears with lighter and smaller design than that of Galaxy S3. You may find some differences with the S3 Mini, so if you are very particular to the comparison between Galaxy S3 and S3 Mini, you would really be disappointed to some extent.


Though Galaxy S3 mini appears like Galaxy S3 far afield, but you would find it with some differences as well. It is little thinner and its display has came down to 4 inches to 4.8 inches. Besides the Galaxy S3’s display has been featured with Super AMOLED capacitive that measures resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. On the rear side, Galaxy S3 Mini has been provided with high-end primary camera that comes with 5MP lens. Besides, it is well capable to shoot videos at 720 pixels that is considered highly defined quality. It has been also provided with a front camera that comes to fulfill your requirements like video callings with resolution of 640 x 480p.

Apart from these all, the handset has been presented with S Voice feature that facilitates you to command the handset. With your voice, Galaxy S3 Mini comes to ease your exercise of the handset. It also comes with a range of apps that all can be availed through the app store maintained by Android OS.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini deals have been brought to you by all prominent network providers like Vodafone, Virgin, O2, Orange, 3-Mobile and T-Mobile. Here, these networks are coming to make the handset affordable with the help of lucrative plans and offers. Moreover, Galaxy S3 Mini has found it very easy and convenient way to find huge people in the market where it has been made accessible with three faces like contract deals, Pay As You Go and SIM free. These deals have been provided with their own traits along with attractive freebies and incentives.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini contract deals are being offered with a legal paper that plays very important role in the deal. Here, you have to go through a contract consent that makes you an official user of that particular network. You select a contract period and you don’t move to other within the period. On the other side, Pay As You Go and SIM free are also there that make Galaxy S3 Mini available to you without any legal obligations.