Nokia Lumia 920 – A Windows 8 Magic at Your Door

There is no doubt that Nokia has decided to step in the market with new virtue so that it can recollect its lost fame. For some last years, Nokia is trying to be as it was and due to some reasons, it has been getting disappointing results. But as the experts say, Nokia has made it possible with the help of its latest edition of Lumia handsets. Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 have got very huge number of people behind them in the market where other giants have already put their high-end gadget to rein the market.

Since Nokia had get associated with Microsoft just one year ago when it introduced Lumia 800 and 900 back to back, so it is not to be surprised a Windows handset from Nokia house. Here, you would find Nokia 920 with latest edition of Windows phone 8 that has got place in the market very few months ago.

Being blessed with 4.5 inches wide IPS LCD display, the handset does not leave you without the pleasant experience. Besides, it high resolution also keeps the visual effect much brightly. On the rear side, you get Nokia 920 with 8MP primary camera with auto-focus Carl Zeiss lens.

Inside the handset, you find Windows phone 8 with 1.5 GHz processor that fuels the handset to perform its job very carefully. Moreover, it makes Nokia 920 more capable to provide you fabulous experience of gaming as well.

You can bag the handset with the help of Nokia Lumia 920 deals that have been made available by all the network service providers.