Nokia Lumia 820 – Bring On The Change

Looking for a Nokia Phone? Well, the latest offering from the Finnish firm is Nokia Lumia 820 which is mid budget phone running on Windows Phone 8. This phone besides gorgeous in its outlooks also has several enticing features up on its sleeves. One of these being capable of wireless charging. Moreover, the device also brings on board decent camera and battery life. It could certainly be your choice for pocket friendly handsets.

The device has been ergonomically designed with sleek round look with plenty of colorful casings to go about with. There is also shiny black bezel surrounding the device of 4.3 inches screen. The display renders the moderate resolution of 800 X 480 pixels. There are some technical additions in the device which will make it simpler to view the screen even in bright lights. Screen is also highly touch sensitive in nature that one can use it even with gloves on.

Want to change the color of your phone? Lumia 820 offers you plenty of casings shade from red, yellow, grey, blue, white, black and purple.

Nokia has bundled this device with multi-core processors putting on board 1.5GHz dual core processor making it capable of running several applications seamlessly. Images are captured with the camera of 8MP with high resolution. Store your images and much more in internal memory of 8GB which is further expandable through micro SD card.

Nokia Lumia 820 deals are available in plenty through assorted mobile deals. The most popular networks offering the device are Vodafone and Three.