Nokia Lumia 610 – Small Package, Big Surprise!

Thinking of quality in affordability, well, here’s the perfect deal for you. Nokia Lumia 610 Red is a stylish machine. Lumia has a crisp, clean design with neat details around the environment features of it. Its got a conventional design as it incorporates 100 percent recoverable materials.

Nokia, setting its foot into the eco-cycle, has kept in mind the fact that every material used is free of BFR, rFR and PVC, and is energy efficient in terms of self adjusting brightness, battery saver and an energy saving charger. An upgrade from the predecessor Nokia Lumia 710 red, the 610 model has its verdict of cool-quotient along with class and elegance. Courtesy the windows phone keyboard, Lumia 610 offers an accurate and quick typing experience.

Nokia, being the highest windows phone player, presented Lumia 610 as a low budget windows mobile, putting together in it cleverly the features of the best social networking integration. Compensating for its stutter lag quirk, Lumia 610 red comes with a crisp red finish, a 3.7 inches screen and an 800 MHz processor.

With the 8 GB internal storage, Lumia operates on windows phone 7.5 operating systems (OS). Besides the firecracker Lumia has proved itself to be, Nokia now brings to you the latest software release for Lumia 610 available on along with the option the download Zune PC App, allowing you to not only update your phone with new and exciting features, but also improve your phone’s performance. If big things come in small packages, Nokia’s Lumia 610 is the smallest of all.