Latest HTC One – Smartphone One in Millions!

HTC phone has always held top position in the mobile market. Every phone from the Taiwan based company has managed to make place not in the range of best smart phones but also in the hearts of the several users. Everything in the phones from screen to camera to design is in apple pie order. Taking into account the huge popularity of the phone there has been arrival of lucrative mobile phone deals through which buyers can get latest HTC smart phones with ease.

HTC One Series Phones

The latest device to be unveiled is HTC One that comes equipped with all the latest features that can easily compete with the likes of Apple, Nokia and Samsung to say the least. It is way ahead of its contemporaries and is here to give them sleepless nights.

The design of the phone is slim and sleek that affords screen that is massive 4.7 inches with attractive pixel resolution to bring about bright and colorful images in all light conditions. With high resolution the viewing angles are also sharp and render best view even while browsing the web or reading newspaper in your phone. Get ready for best imaging experience with your HTC smart phone. Even being big in size the device feels quite light and easy to carry around.

The powerful device is powered with equally competent processor that is newest quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon that gives in 2GB of RAM to easily run all the applications and operations without any issue. Apart from this there are plenty of unique and useful app also introduced which include better speakers, infrared remote control and all new camera sensors that are completely innovative in its operations.

Images are captured with snapper of 4MP that has been put at back. The quality of images is increased with addition of extra pixels which are known as ultra-pixels that make the images and videos look like as if they have been captured from the snapper of 8MP. Other feature integrated in the snapper is HTC Zoe that allows users to shoot the images and videos which are then changed into video that can be easily shared with your friends and family on the various social networking sites.

HTC One Silver Deals

The user interface has been kept same in the latest HTC smart phone that is HTC’s custom Android user interface. This slick user interface allows users to get content from the various medias like AP, ESPN, Financial Times, MTV and many more as per their interests. The user interface is smooth and active in its operations. One can easily add information to the calendar and Facebook with ease. The device is operating on the Android 4.1 version which though not the latest version works extremely fine and fast.

Latest HTC smart phone can be obtained through assorted mobile phone deals. These deals are SIM Free, Pay as you go and Contract mobile deals. With contract deals users can get free gifts and incentives which are provided in association with leading mobile networks of UK.