HTC Windows 8X – Makes Its Offering More Technical

HTC Windows Phone 8X is flagship handset of HTC, which has been powered by very latest operating system Windows Phone 8. It is one of some Windows 8 powered handsets and the people are celebrating it with their heart.

Though, Nokia has also introduced its Lumia handsets with the latest edition of Windows, HTC is getting very huge competition from the Lumia 820 and 920, but it has its own class and it has tried to justify itself with the help of some exclusive features. The handset will feel added comfy in your palm if it was not for its somewhat pointed edges. The chewy touch is enjoyable to the fingers and aids grasp.

HTC Windows phone 8X is known for its intelligent primary camera that measures 8MP and features LED flash. Though, the handset would not be delivering results as per your requirements in terms of video recording, but the colours were usual but the lens leaned to overexpose shots more than people will love. The handset seems mostly similar to Windows phone 7 powered handsets, but the former offers a bit more features and technologies. There would be some new physical keys on the front side of the gadget.

HTC Windows Phone 8X deals have been provided by the entire leading network providers have introduced their lucrative plans with the handset. Here, the plans come with free gifts and incentives at affordable price. Besides, the handset has been offered with other Pay As You Go and SIM free.