One X – Ice Cream Sandwich Tastes Beautiful Technically

If you love a substance with large figure, HTC One X would bring smile to your lips. With the help of high-end 4.7 inches wide display, the handset has stepped towards the mini tablet arena. I must say that the handset would feel no comfort in your regular pocket; it just loves to be in your palm.

HTC One X gets power from tasteful and chilz flavour of Android ICS. The users have found some interesting features with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. You would find ICS-specific apps like Face Unlock and the skill to download Google’s web browser Chrome for the Android platform. Besides, the operating system Android gets fuelled from 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. Here, as I have said above that the handset is heading towards the mini tablet zone, HTC One X is standing by other celebrated tabs in the market.

On the back side of One X, you get a high-end rear camera measuring 8MP. The era has brought very modifications in the camera specifically. We are getting the mobile phone’s camera with sharp resolution and high mega pixels. Therefore, HTC has tried to meet with the requirement of present era. Moreover, this time, HTC has done very beautiful work for its sound quality. One X contains pleasing audio system.

HTC One X deals have been brought to your door by all the prominent network providers. You will bag a number of gifts and earn some incentives as well.