HTC Desire C – Quietly Brilliant Indeed!

Setting apart from an era of low-end phones, the HTC Desire C is a user-friendly blower that’s up for grabs on the stands all around. As goes HTC’s tagline ‘quietly brilliant’, this machine is packed with entertainment in productivity in bundles. After all, it’s not every day that you come across a super-powered droid that’s affordable without the taste of the gone-by old Gingerbread software.

Flavoured with Ice Cream Sandwich, known to be Google’s off-late android operating system, this is allegedly rarest creature by HTC. With enough on plate and about 4 inches screen, HTC Desire C is fully loaded with the best of the Ice Cream Sandwich features, that includes the ability to flick notifications out of the tray, also a scrollable and flickable stack of thumbnails of your recent apps and to top it all, a mobile data usage menu allowing you to set limitations and warning to your usage.

So far so good, HTC Desire C gives you an option to resize widgets so as to take up more or less of the dinky display. Another sidekick to your ICS OS is that your certified to download Google chrome that’s there for the android beta browser. The most reliable part of the phone would have to be the 1230mAh removable battery that easily lasts you through a day’s work.

Courtesy the partnership with DropBox, your files are all safe in the 25GB memory of the box right in your pocket. HTC’s Beats Audio doesn’t disappoint you at all with its loud pitched bass and crisp sounds. All in all, HTC’s Desire C can be seen to climb head and shoulders in competition.