BlackBerry Q10 Released in April 2013 With Deals

BlackBerry has announced not one but two spectacular devices in earlier part of the year. These are Z10 and Q10. Both the devices are running of outstanding and newly designed BlackBerry OS 10. While Z10 is touch in nature, Q10 comes on board with ever popular QWERTY keypad.

With Q10, BlackBerry is hoping to regain its position in the market which has been taken by Samsung and Apple. And with the looks of the device and feel along with integrated features it is a tough battle for the competitors out in the market. The QWERTY keypad will give close competition to other devices who claim to have best of QWERTY keypad in the market. The well spaced keys give enough space to your fingers to type long mails and messages with ease.

Interior of the device has been equipped with 1.5GHz dual core processor which makes the device extremely and fast in its responses and multiple actions. Store unlimited data as well with 16GB of internal storage which is expandable through micro SD card slot.

The updated operating system BB10 is available for all the handset. The redesigned system renders applications like BBM which is instant messaging tool, with BBM screen share it is easy to carry out video calling just like we do in Skype. Then there is addition of BlackBerry Balance which allows users to switch between two profiles of Business and personal with ease.

BlackBerry Q10 is the device for the new generation designed for both professional and personal needs.