Apple iPhone 4S – Upgraded Device With Latest Features!

Apple has finally launched the next version of iPhone. It’s been six month since the device hit the market. Some of you may have been disappointed as the device that has been released by the company is not iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S. But the fact remains that Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB is one of the best smartphones available in the market at present.

The new device has been released after a long wait. Hugely popular Apple iPhone 4 was released in June last year and the wait for the next version got longer when the company did not announce the handset At WWDC in June this year. Meanwhile, the market was afloat with all kinds of rumours and speculations regarding the new device. Some of the speculators had accurately predicted that the company will not be coming out with iPhone 5 and will only release an upgraded version of the previous device. These speculations came true after Apple announced Apple iPhone 4S in the first week of October.

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB, also available in 32GB and 64GB version, comes with some worthy upgrades. At the same time, the device remains unchanged at certain fronts. The design and the screen are the two important factors that have not been changed by the company. There is no noticeable difference as far as the looks and the design of the device are concerned. The new device looks exactly the same and at a glance it’s difficult to tell which one is which. Similarly, the screen size as well as the display quality has also been kept the same.

Apart from these, the device comes with a number of significant changes. To begin with, the new device is powered by a dual-core processor that makes it equal to other new smartphones when it comes to the power. Unlike the previous device that was available in only 16GB and 32GB version, the new device also comes with a 64GB of internal storage space that takes care of all storage needs of the device.

Expectedly, the camera of the device has been upgraded to 8 mega pixel and the differences in the quality of pictures are noticeable.

However, Apple iPhone 4S is not just about catching up with other devices. The device comes with some new features as well. Siri and iCloud are the two new major features that the new device comes with.